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Sattler's Dash: A Run for the Power Shed

Backed by his acute observation and extensive research, David a.k.a. The Mouse, felt it his responsibility to write me the following scientific discourse:

From: David [last name and e-mail address removed]
Sent: Monday, November 23, 1998 7:01 PM
Subject:   J.P.

First of all:
Eli in the power shed scene she did jump over both of the trees.She bumped into the first one and CRAWLED over it the second one she swung over it.
Get your scenes right!

The: ?-_-_MOUSE_-_-?

Well, I may not have as firm a grasp of grammar and punctuation as does Dr. Mouse, but I do stand by my assessment of the aforementioned sequence. I mean, honestly, do you think I would have spent my time writing it up if I hadn't run that scene back and forth a few times? Believe me, I've worn that part of my tape thin. The printed FF and REW on my remote buttons has rubbed off.

But rather than involving myself in a yes-she-did, no-she-didn't dispute, I will present my evidence here, in a manner perhaps even Mickey can comprehend. (By the way, Mouse, you might want to actually watch the sequence this time and follow along.)


Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size image.

0:00 Establishing shot of Tree #3 directly in front of the power shed.
0:02 During the following dialogue you can see Tree #1 next to Sattler and Tree #2 halfway between Sattler and the shed. Tree #3 can't really be seen from this vantage point, but is obviously near the shed in the distance, as established in the previous shot.
Sattler: I can see the shed from here. We can make it if we run.
Muldoon:  No. We can't.
Sattler: Why not?
Muldoon:  Because we're being hunted.
Sattler: Oh, God.
0:20 Here, Sattler moves out of the way enough to get a clearer view of Tree #2.
Muldoon:  From the bushes straight ahead. It's all right.
Sattler: Like hell it is.
Muldoon:  Run. Towards the shed. I've got her. Go. Now!
0:38 Sattler bumps into Tree #1, then scrambles over it.
0:42 She jumps over Tree #2. This shot is from behind, so we can see she still has yet to make it over Tree #3.
0:44 From the front, we do see Sattler swing over something, but a shot from behind reveals they are light branches.
0:47 Shot from behind. Sattler jumps again over the same tree she jumped over 5 seconds ago. The footage is not the same, evident from the thicker mist, but the setup is the same. (Note the identical foliage to the left of and below the fallen tree.) Tree #3 can still be seen directly ahead.
0:48 She lands in a puddle which, incidentally, wasn't on the other side of that tree.
0:50 She's through the fence, having never jumped over Tree #3 seen just three seconds ago.

Now then, David, was there a "second of all?"


Incidentally, I don't mind a bit of friendly criticism. I've been wrong before, and I've gladly accepted correction. But, if you're going to toss glib remarks into my mailbox, expect a response. Once you decide to challenge someone, be prepared to hold yourself accountable.

OK, enough with the allocution. You may now return from whence you came. And if you happened upon this page initially via search engine, please be my guest to The Flubs of Jurassic Park.


This page is dedicated to Bob Peck (Robert Muldoon), who passed away in April of 1999.