There are way too many rant pages on the Internet!
But of course, I wouldn't be able to rant about that unless I had my own. Consider it a sinkhole for my anger.
And since I can't be bitter all the time, I'll pepper these pages with a few odd things I notice in life, too.
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August 23
So, I've just recently taken a job as a P.A. at a network affiliate and I've been spending the last couple of days learning the job. Now, most of my time has been spent in the news room ripping scripts (I won't bother to explain the task suffice it to say it's just like it sounds), although I've been taking on prompter and camera in the studio during news broadcasts.

And I just have to tell you, it's taking all I've got to keep from stripping nekkid and streaking the weather forecast.

August 18
I've really got to spring for some legitimate porn.

I just spent 8 minutes watching a scrambled cable channel that turned out to be a woman on a phone eating a banana.

August 14
Thought I forgot about this corner of my site didn't you?

Well, a recent Old Navy commercial reminded me I should complain about something and it gave me sufficient reason to do so.

It seems Old Navy, dictator of pop fashion, is hawking what they're officially defining the Track Jacket. Men with bed-head 'dos model the zipper-front warmers worn over hooded sweatshirts. "You've got to get this look!"

Am I the only one who realizes it's August? A quick look at a weather map reveals that temperatures are in the high 80s and 90s over most of the country. Hell, here in Texas, it's been reaching 100 degrees every few days and it's not going to cool off for weeks!

But the confusion doesn't end there. While encouraging heat stroke in the men, they're also pushing breezy mini-skirts for the women.

Hey, I guess just so long as everybody's hot.

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