From the Desk of Simon Presley Who Is This Guy?
Too Many Bags: Reply


June 6, 1997

Mr. Simon Presley

Dear Mr. Presley:
Thank you for taking the time to write to us about our San Marcos store. We are working to offer our Customers quality products and superior Customer Service in a convenient, pleasant shopping environment. I will share your letter with Ken Davis, our Unit Director.

No one knows better than a Customer how well a store is meeting their needs. Your comments help us evaluate where we are doing well and identify opportunities for improvement. Other members of management use and value this information also.

Thank you for your comments about our plastic bags. Our check-stand employees routinely place purchases in plastic bags because most Customers prefer their durability and carrying ease. However, we do have paper bags available and will be happy to place your purchases in paper bags if you will let them know your preference. Also, I apologize for your order being poorly bagged. We train our checkers and baggers on all facets of proper bagging. If you prefer to not have your milk bagged, please let the Sacker or Checker know. I'm sure Ken will review these procedures with our Partners to insure they handle your purchases appropriately in the future.

Thanks also for your comments about the color of the plastic bags. I will share your comments with Gary Sullivan, Purchasing Agent, for further review.

Please continue to let us know how we can serve you better. As you and other Customers write to us about our stores, we learn more about what is important to you. We are committed to our goal of "Serving More Texans Better Every Day" by providing a fast, friendly, accurate, clean and safe shopping environment. We value you as our Customer, and look forward to serving you in the future.

Mary Nell Glitzer
Customer Relations Manager

cc:    Roxanne Orsak, District Manager, Austin Office
Ken Davis, Unit Director
Gary Sullivan, Purchasing Agent, South